Online Registration

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General Information:

The YMCA of Kingston provides on-line registration for patrons to sign up for camp and course programming, though not all of our products are available.  If you are looking for a specific offering and cannot find it on the site, please call our Member Admin Services staff (613-546-2647 ext. 0) for assistance.

YMCA of Kingston memberships and access (day) passes are not available to purchase through the site.

Customers can also pay off future dated, or returned payments, through the site, on any product they may have purchased with us.

Please read the information below prior to starting your online registration:

When registering on-line, you will be asked to create an account using an email address that you have access too. To ensure that our confirmation email makes its way to you after you register, please put the following address in your safe sender's list - If you do not, then your email service could potentially send our confirmation email in your Junk/SPAM Mail folder (this has happened to people already with Yahoo and Hotmail accounts, and many business accounts also view it as an unknown sender).

Visit the Online Help section to discover more about our Payment Policies, and specifics relating to Day Camp registrations and Course registrations.  You will also find a Contact Us section on the site, specific to reaching the supervisors in charge of programs found on-line.

If you require a change of personal information, please contact the YMCA of Kingston directly - in-person or by phone.  This option is not available through the on-line site.

Password reset. If you need to reset your password, choose to have a password hint sent to you.  Once this is complete, you will then be given the option to reset it on-line.   The process is similar to when you set up an account, with a confirmation email and activation code being sent to you after the password is changed.

If you have any questions, problems with on-line registration, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 613-546-2647 ext. 0, or email* -

*This email address is not checked on weekends or holidays.  The YMCA of Kingston does not accept e-mail registration requests.

On-Line Cancellation

In the event you need to cancel your on-line registration, please note the following cancellation policy:

  1. Full course, program, and camp refunds are provided in the event our YMCA cancels a course, program, or camp due to insufficient registration, changes in legislation requiring cancellation, or for other unforeseen circumstances.
  1. For individual course, program, or camp cancellation requests, please note the following:
  • There is a cancellation fee of $15.00 for each course, program, and camp (per cancellation).
  • All requests must be in writing via a YMCA of Kingston Course/Program/Camp Cancellation Request Form that can be downloaded by clicking here.
  • A cancellation request received 3 days or more in advance of the course, program, or camp start date will receive a refund of the remaining fees after the cancellation fee is assessed.
  • Refunds will not be provided for a cancellation request received less than 3 days in advance of the course, program, or camp start date, or once such course, program, or camp has commenced.
  • An individual with an extenuating medical condition, which results in him/her not being able to complete/participate in any course, program, or camp will be provided with a YMCA credit memo in an amount determined by the General Manager or CEO of  our YMCA.

Special Notes for On-line Summer Day Camp/School Break Registrations

  • If parents are looking for subsidized camp space, please contact the YMCA of Kingston directly.  Applying for subsidy is not available through our on-line registration.
  • The YMCA of Kingston partners with agencies in the community to provide camp experiences for children with a variety of special needs. A limited number of staff are available for children requiring enhanced support.  Prior to registering, please contact the Supervisor of Youth Recreation and Day Camp Programs at 613-546-2647 ext. 245 for details, or email  For those who have made contact with our Camps Supervisor, please make sure you download and return a completed Integration and Accessibility Application.