Youth Gambling Awareness Program

Working With Our Community Youth We believe that prevention programs are essential to improving individual health and personal development and creating a healthier community.

Our Goal

To implement educational prevention programs designed to raise youth awareness with regards to gambling, healthy/active living and making informed decisions.

What we do in your community...

Awareness Raising Activities:
  • Interactive sessions for youth ages 8-24
  • Interactive sessions for adults involved in youth people‚Äôs lives
  • Curriculum activities based on Ministry of Education requirements
  • Attendance at community fairs/events

Community involvement:

The planning and implementation of events designed to promote community awareness and involvement in issues related to youth gambling.

Youth engagement:

Peer to Peer or Youth Voices activities which are processes for promoting youth expression and community action.


  • The YMCA does not make value judgments regarding gambling; rather we see it as an activity that people may or may not choose to engage in.

  • Using harm reduction we offer youth accurate information to make their own informed choices around gambling and other high risk activities

Funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion

We Offer:

  • Community awareness sessions

  • Presentations to schools and organizations that work with youthymca_0161

  • Educational workshops for:
    • parents
    • teachers
    • health professionals and other agencies/organizations working with youth
  • Referral to gambling treatment services

All services are FREE.

How can we contact the Youth Gambling Outreach Worker in this area?

If you have more questions about the YMCA Youth Gambling Awareness Program, or would like to book a presentation with our Youth Gambling Outreach Worker, please contact:

Edward Itliong Tel: 613-634-7008 x 3246 Fax: 613-634-7323 Email -