Swimming Lessons

Accomplishing Aquatics Skills at Your Y.ymca_0304

YMCA aquatics programs teach participants how to be safe in and around water and give them the sense of accomplishment that comes from learning something new. Programs include lessons for infant through adults, classes for children with physical disabilities, aquafitness classes, swim teams, as well as aquatics leadership and certification programs.

Learning to swim is more than just stroke development. It is about building confidence and self-esteem, and developing strong values in our participants. Our highly-qualified instructors teach children how to swim safely, and help them to overcome their fears and to develop lifelong skills.

Looking for your child's Swimming Lesson Report cards?

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Has your child done swimming lessons before in the Lifesaving Society or Red Cross programs?
Use our Equivalency Chart below to match their level with the equivalent YMCA level.

Age Groups Red Cross Program Life Saving Society Program YMCA Program
0-2 years old accompanied
by a caregiver
Starfish Parent & Tot 1 Splashers
Duck Parent & Tot 2 Bubblers
Sea Turtle Parent & Tot 3 Bubblers
3-5 years old accompanied
by a caregiver or on their own
Sea Otter Preschool A Bobbers
Salamander Preschool A Floaters
Salamander Preschool A Floaters
Salamander Preschool B Gliders
Sunfish Preschool B Divers
Crocodile Preschool C Surfers
Whale Preschool D Dipper
Whale Preschool D Dipper
6-12 years old Swim Kids 1 Swimmer 1 Otter
Swim Kids 2 Swimmer 2 Seal
Swim Kids 2/3 Swimmer 3 Dolphin
Swim Kids 4/5 Swimmer 4 Swimmer
Swim Kids 6 Swimmer 5 Swimmer
Swim Kids 7 Swimmer 6 Star 1
Swim Kids 8 CSP - Rookie Star 2/3
Swim Kids 9 CSP - Ranger Star 3/4
Swim Kids 10 CSP - Star Star 5/6
Swim Kids 10 Bronze Star Star 7