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Come and be part of a community that will help you reach your overall activity, health and fitness goals. As a charity, the YMCA of Kingston is committed to giving everyone of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds a chance to live a healthy life. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to help you reach your desired results.
Please contact Member Services for assistance: Wright Crescent: 613-546-2647  

Financial Assistance Program

At the YMCA of Kingston we believe that no one should be denied access to memberships and programs due to their inability to pay. Financial assistance ensures affordable access to the YMCA for individuals or families who face financial barriers to joining our programs and services.

Financial Assistance Application Form

Membership Benefits

A YMCA of Kingston membership provides members all inclusive access to all three of our facilities. Your YMCA of Kingston membership card grants you access to enjoy all the benefits of membership. Please keep in mind that your membership is specific to you. It cannot be assigned, transferred, or used by another individual. You are required to present your membership card every time you visit the facility.ymca_0252

Your YMCA of Kingston membership entitles you to complete access to our facilities recreation and fitness areas, as well as our non-registered programs. As a member at the YMCA of Kingston you can:
  • Attend any group fitness classes - get your sweat on in Zumba or de-stress in one of our Yoga classes.
  • Work out in any of our fitness centres- weights and cardio equipment available.
  • Play squash - conveniently book a squash court online up to 7 days in advance.
  • Indulge in some refreshing lengths, a recreational or leisure swim in one of our swimming pools.
  • Participate in our Aquafit classes, adult learn-to-swim and stroke improvement programs.
  • Play basketball, volleyball, or badminton during designated program times.
  • Learn a new sport - Pickleball or Y-Ball !
  • Enroll in one of our registered classes at our preferred member rates.
  • Take advantage of our Babysitting Service for infants and pre-school-age children.
  • Trainers are available for equipment orientations, program assistance, and Y Thrive: Free pre-designed exercise programs.
  • Youth memberships are all-inclusive! Not only is the general facility access included with youth membership, but so are swimming lessons,  youth recreation and sports programs.
  • Membership has its privileges. Share the experience . . . bring a guest to our YMCA*.
  • Your YMCA membership entitles you to access to YMCA's across North America and around the world.*

*Restrictions/conditions apply; contact the designated YMCA for their Guest Access Policy. The YMCA of Kingston is happy to host members of other YMCA’s. Please present your membership card at the front desk. Guest privileges do not include registration for courses or lessons.
Membership Fees and Payment Options (Effective July 1, 2019)
Membership Category Continuous Membership Plan* (tax not included) Access Passes (tax included)
Adult (18+ years) $56.25 $14.00
Family $121.75 $20.00
Couples $101.50 $20.00
Senior Adult (60+ years) $53.00 $10.00
Total Life Care (Referral required from physician or cardiologist) $73.00 -
Full-Time Student (18+ years with valid student ID) $40.25 $10.00
Young Adult (15 to 17 years) $40.25 $10.00
Youth (0 to 14 years) (monthly fee for youth not subject to tax) $31.75 $7.01
30 Day Flex Pass (trial membership, tax not included) $63.75 -
*CMP (Continuous Membership Plan) Monthly membership payments are debited from your bank account or credit card on the 15th of each month. These memberships are automatically renewed annually on your anniversary date.


A family is defined as an adult, spouse, and legal direct dependent children under 18 years of age, or full-time students under age 23, residing at the same address as the primary adult member. Youth members, within the family membership, are setup as all-inclusive, which means children will have access to all YMCA core programming.


Two adults, residing at the same address.

Total Life Care (TLC)ymca_0775

This program operates at designated program times, in a small group setting, in our Empire Life Health and Wellness Studio. TLC members are also entitled to all adult membership privileges. This program requires a referral from a physician or cardiologist.

Full-time Student (18+)

Verification of full-time student status, from an accredited school, college or university, is required at the time of purchase and at each renewal. Additional verification may be required mid-term if the individual’s status changes or is in question.

Young Adult

Young adult memberships are for students who are 15 years - 17 years of age.


Youth memberships are all-inclusive, which means your children will have access to all YMCA core programming.

Youth who are 13 and 14 years of age, may have access to Wright Crescent Fitness Centre and Group Fitness Classes if they have successfully completed the Youth Conditioning Course. Youth access is not provided to adult length swims or adult recreational programs. You must be 11+ years to play squash without an adult present. Please refer to our Youth Access Policy.

30 Day Flex Pass

The 30 Day Flex Pass is considered a trial membership. These memberships are valid for 30 consecutive days, from the day of sign up and are non-refundable. They cannot be upgraded to an annual membership. TLC members are not eligible to purchase this membership option.

Membership Cancellation Policy

Your YMCA of Kingston membership commitment is not locked in and may be cancelled at any time.

Pre-Authorized Monthly Memberships:

We require that a cancellation request be submitted, in writing (by the payer of the account), prior to the 1st of the month in which you wish to cancel the membership.

Paid In Full Memberships:

We require that a cancellation request be submitted, in writing (by the payer of the account) and a refund is issued based upon the time remaining until the expiry/anniversary date. The refund cheque will be mailed/or available for pick up within 14 business days.

Membership Cards

All members will receive a photo I.D. membership card at the time of membership purchase. For your safety and security, our YMCA utilizes a "card swipe" system for facility access and monitoring. Your membership card is required for facility access. A fee will be charged to replace lost or misplaced membership cards. Membership cards cannot be used by anyone other than the assigned member. Intentional misuse of your membership card will result in cancellation of your membership (refund is not provided).


Day use lockers are available at each of our locations, however we do not supply locks.

Playcare Serviceymca_0660

A Babysitting Service is offered at our Wright Crescent location. This service is for infants and pre-school-age children. Parents are required to remain in the facility while their children are being cared for in our babysitting area. The service is designed to allow parents time to work out and participate in YMCA programs/services. Please contact our Member Services Desk at our Wright Crescent location for more information.