Strong Kids

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Kids can help create strong communities today and for the future, but only if they have the chance to reach their full potential. Your donation will help support proven programs that give kids the opportunities they need to live healthier, happier lives and to grow into productive adults. By giving today, you can help our kids build a better community for tomorrow.

YMCA programs dramatically and positively impact the health and well-being of children, teens and young adults. They are uniquely developed for the needs of each community, but in all communities, we believe every child deserves a chance to fulfill their potential.

What can your money do?

  • 900 children received childcare
  • 436 adult member subsidies
  • 118 senior member subsidies
  • 96 Pathways to Education subsidies
  • 30 subsidized childcare spots
  • 340 kids subsidized to summer camp
  • 4,717 members
  • 112 seniors enrolled in the Total Life Care program
  • 50 National Lifeguard certifications earned
  • $346,000 total financial assistance provided
Your gift will change a mind and that can change a life.

How to Give

Please give generously today.

Every dollar donated is tripled with thanks to Homestead Land Holdings Ltd. and the Estate of Larry Gibson.

Give in person at 100 Wright Cres.,
call 613-546-2647 or

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