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It doesn’t matter what shape you’re in! You will find lots of enjoyable programs for all age groups and fitness levels, which will soon have you feeling great in more ways than you ever thought possible!

Y-Weight Total Body Transformation - weight loss program

Y Weight is run twice a year; in the spring and in the fall. This is a 12 week program for those looking to make a lifestyle change and involves regular exercise, nutritional counseling and weekly weigh-ins. Programs information, dates and fees for this program can be found in our Seasonal Program Guides.
There is an application process to determine qualification based on current BMI and/or physician recommendation. Please note that only 16 applicants will be chosen for each session.

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PARmed-X for pregnancy Physical Activity Readiness Medical Examination

Healthy women with uncomplicated pregnancies can integrate physical activity into their daily living and can participate without significant risks either to themselves or to their unborn child. PARmed-X for PREGNANCY is a guideline for health screening prior to participation in a prenatal fitness class or other exercises.

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Y's Hearts Cardiac Maintenance Program

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